Settling In Your Child

Take up the opportunity to visit the pre-school (and others) before your child starts. This will help you to make an informed choice. Read through any literature or handbooks that are available. If your child is 2 they will be offered 1 free visit. You and your child will stay for this session to help you became familiar with the routines, meet the staff and to ask any questions. Your child may be excited at the prospect of joining the pre-school and be happy for you to leave. Encourage this of course, but never forget to say goodbye. If your child is not happy to be left then speak to the Supervisor or key person who will devise a strategy that will help both of you to make this transition easier. (Remember the staff are trained to deal with distressed children; most have also been there themselves at some time.)
Allowing your child to bring along a favourite item such as a teddy, having something that your child is familiar with may help them to settle.