Partnership with parents

Our pre-school’s create opportunities for parents/carers to become involved with their children’s education. We recognise that parents/carers are the primary educators for their children and by contributing to their children’s time at the pre-school can help towards their child’s experience being a positive and rewarding one.

Staff will send out information by way of a newsletter or up dates. There is also a parents/carers survey which is distributed twice a year, this helps us understand your needs better, so that we may continue to provide a high quality service that you want.

The pre-school will share information and encourage parents/carers to take an interest in the child’s development by keeping them informed of the activities on offer. The staff will take time to speak to all parents/carers keeping them up to date with their child’s development; this will include looking through their development record.

We like to invite parents/carers to share many experiences with their child(ren), at the end of the summer term for those children who are leaving to start school they are involved in a play which those parents/carers and family and friends are invited to. This also happens at the end of December term when we have our nativity.

Our pre-school’s offer the opportunity for parents/carers to stay in a session if they would like to visit. You may find that you have a spare morning or afternoon when you can come in to read with the children or help with their activities.