The group establishes positive working relationships with parents and this
facilitates the sound understanding key workers have of the needs of the children
in their care, their backgrounds and their learning and development. Information
sought from parents swiftly establishes starting points for children. Parents are
kept well informed of their children’s efforts, achievements and progress through a
number of effective systems, such as verbal communication daily and the
completion of learning journeys and next steps reports. Highly effective systems
are in place to thoroughly support children with special educational needs and
children with English as an additional language. The pre-school establishes
exceptional links with specialist support workers and other agencies. This
thoroughly positive approach effectively promotes continuity of care and ensures
children’s individual needs are met. Children access a fully inclusive setting where
they learn about equality and diversity at a level that they are able to understand,
which develops their knowledge. All children regardless of gender play an equal
part in a varied and enjoyable curriculum and they have access to a good range of
resources to promote diversity and an awareness of the world around them.
— Ofsted Report, 2011