The staff can give your child prescribed medicines with your written permission. Cough medicine, paracetamol etc must be administered by yourself. We keep medicines in a locked cupboard to which only the staff and relevant officers from the committee have access.

Children with Specific Medical Conditions

If your child has a medical condition that may require emergency treatment (for example, if your child is allergic to insect stings and has to carry an epi-pen), we can accept him/her at pre-school. However, you must arrange for a suitably qualified medical professional to train the staff in dealing with the condition.

Head lice

Head lice are not dangerous and having head lice certainly doesn’t mean your child has dirty hair! A severe case of head lice will make your child feel pretty miserable and itchy and can lead to conditions such as dermatitis. So – if you know or suspect that your child has head lice, please don’t bring them to pre-school. Check their hair and if you find lice or nits, treat him or her (staff are very understanding and have plenty of tips or advice, or ask a chemist) and wait until your child’s hair is clear before bringing him/her back. It will help if you check your child’s hair every day as you brush it or wash it.
Infectious Diseases

If your child has an infectious disease, please do not bring him/her into Pre-school. This includes minor infections such as conjunctivitis and impetigo, as well as the more serious diseases such as chicken pox and hand, foot and mouth. Similarly, please do not bring in brothers and sisters who have infectious diseases. We are happy to arrange for you to bring or collect your child at slightly different times if you have to bring an infectious sibling with you.