Key Worker

When your child starts at pre-school, one member of staff will become his or her key worker.

The key person will help your child to settle in and discuss with you the kind of activities your child will be doing. Each child will be assessed to make sure that his or her specific needs are being met.

The key person monitors your child’s progress and keeps records of his/her achievements. You can see your child’s records (Learning Journal) at any time, although we ask that you do not remove them from the setting, they are kept in their named tray.

It is important to be aware that the key person does not work exclusively with her/his group of children. She/he will be involved in activities with all the children in the group. Equally, your child will be able to talk, work and play with any of the staff and volunteers, not just the key worker.

The key person will be available for parents/carers to speak to at the beginning and end of each session; however the end of sessions can become busy so if you know that you would like to speak to them then ask them at the beginning of the session so that they can arrange this in advance. If the matter is private this allows them time to arrange a private area for you to speak.


log in

To log in to your child(s) Learning Journal please click here.  You will need to have been given your login details by your manager.

Should you need further support in using Tapestry with your key children then please click here.


Online Learning Journal

Learning Journals and special books have grown in popularity over the last decade, offering early years settings a way to record the special moments of their children, and to keep parents involved in a partnership as their children blossom and grow.  More recently they have been used in conjunction with the EYFS developmental stages to assess more formally how children are progressing.

Traditionally these individual records have been collected in scrapbooks or binders, building up into a treasured memoir that children can take with them when they leave for the next stages of their journey through life – each entry forming a thread in the warp and weft of the tapestry that is their life.

The cost, in both time and money, of providing these journals has often caused great problems for managers and staff in EYFS settings.  The purchase of the scrap books alone can be significant, and printing photographs, and cutting, pasting and writing in the journals is a time consuming affair.

Additionally, managers experience the trauma of sending their journals home with parents, only to find they return them late or even lose them.  In the event of parents who are separated it can be difficult to make the journals available to both in a fair way; and if one parent is away for other reasons (for example a serving member of the armed forces who is on active duties) it is impossible to use the physical journal as a means of keeping up to date with a son or daughter.

What if it was possible to create records of observations instantly?  To add notes and images and have them immediately available to any authorised person as part of the complete story of the child’s life at their nursery.  To have parents able to view and comment on these special moments, and to be able to contribute their own stories of the child’s life outside nursery?

Well, we believe you can. This is what we call Tapestry.  Online Learning Journals, from the imagineers at the FSF!