how can I find out how my child is getting on?

Contact Books

The best way for you to find out how your child is getting on is to have a chat with his/her key person. Sometimes, though that just isn’t possible and we can provide a contact book for two way communication. If problems do arise the key worker will always want to discuss them with you face to face and in confidence.

Observation Reports

Observation reports are more structured than the notes recorded in the contact book and observations are carried out regularly during your child’s time at pre-school. They are the basis for the information that goes into you Child’s learning journal. They explain how your child reacts to certain situations, whether he/she mixes well with other children and what activities he/she takes part in during a session.

Your child’s observation report files / learning journals are kept int your child’s trays which are labelled.

Staff are always willing to discuss these observations with you.