Arrival at pre-school

Willow Tree pre-school operates two sites; the Langley Green Centre, Stagehands and Ifield West Community Centre, Dobbins Place.

The Langley Green pre-school is reached through the main entrance to the Langley Green centre. Once in the foyer take the corridor to the left and the first door on you right is the main pre-school entrance.

The morning session runs from 8: 45–11:45 am. The afternoon session is from 11:45– 2:45 pm. The centre is open from 8:30am; however you are not able to leave your child before 8:45am.

The Ifield West pre-school is reached through the main entrance to the Community centre. Once in the foyer take the corridor to the right and the door in front of you at the end of the corridor is the main pre-school entrance.

The morning session runs from 8:30–11:30 am. The afternoon session is from 11:30– 2:30 pm. The centre is often open from 8:15am, however you not able to leave your child before 8:30am.

Staff at both sites are available if you wish to speak to them when you arrive. If you would like to discuss something in private, please just let them know.

Please leave your prams/pushchairs in the main corridor and ensure all bikes or ride-ons are taken home, not left at the pre-school during the sessions as they can cause a fire hazard. Your child can hang up his/her coat and bag on their named peg in the main hall, and children staying for lunch need to put their named lunch bag in the designated area. They then find their laminated name to put onto the magnetic board and hand any fruit brought to share at snack time to a member of staff.

A member of staff will register your child on arrival – this is the time to pay any session fees. If someone else is going to collect your child, please tell the staff member doing the registration, as we have strict procedures for child collection for the safety of your child.

Home time

At the beginning or end of the session please have a look in their tray for any work they may be binging home or any information from the pre-school. It is important to check their tray regularly, as each child has a Learning Journal (their early year’s record) which is kept in their tray for you to see.

Many children find it very upsetting when their parent or carer is late picking them up. If you are unexpectedly delayed, please let us know.

There will probably be times when you ask someone else to collect your child from pre-school. It is essential that the pre-school staff is aware of this. You or the person who drops off your child at the start of the session must fill in the child collection book on the desk, and tell the staff member at the registration desk. (If someone else will be collecting your child regularly, you can complete one of the pre-schools forms confirming this.) You may also provide us with a password, which we keep confidential. We will ask the person collecting your child for your password (so don’t forget to tell them what it is!). We will not hand over your child to a person we do not know and who cannot give us your password.

Settling in your child

Take up the opportunity to visit the pre-school (and others) before your child starts. This will help you to make an informed choice. Read through any literature or handbooks that are available. If your child is 2 they will be offered 1 free visit. You and your child will stay for this session to help you became familiar with the routines, meet the staff and to ask any questions. Your child may be excited at the prospect of joining the pre-school and be happy for you to leave. Encourage this of course, but never forget to say goodbye. If your child is not happy to be left then speak to the Supervisor or key person who will devise a strategy that will help both of you to make this transition easier. (Remember the staff are trained to deal with distressed children; most have also been there themselves at some time.)
Allowing your child to bring along a favorite item such as a teddy, having something that your child is familiar with may help them to settle.